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Tom Cooper Fine Furniture Edinburgh

Bespoke furniture

Bespoke furniture is carefully handcrafted at Tom Cooper Fine Furniture by Tom Cooper, who personally over sees every project, ensuring the utmost attention is paid to every detail of the finished piece.

Custom made furniture

Every piece of furniture is individually designed and custom made to the customers exact requirements, whether it be contemporary or traditional. All styles, tastes and types of furniture are catered for, and any ideas from the client can be accommodated and developed into a design realisation.

Unique furniture

Tom would also be happy to design and make you a totally unique piece of furniture, drawing on his individual design style of organic, flowing curves and original design details.

Bespoke joinery

However, Tom not only makes beautiful handcrafted furniture, but also wooden items such as turned bowls, jewellery and trinket boxes, picture frames and internal bespoke joinery, as can be seen in the bespoke joinery section on the portfolio page. Scottish hardwoods Scottish, locally sourced hardwoods are often to create many of the pieces of bespoke furniture, prized for its interesting grain, depth of colour and beautiful character. Timber from other parts of the world can also be readily sourced.

Commissioning furniture

Commissioning bespoke furniture can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, as you can buy a totally unique piece of furniture that you can have your own design input into, and see its making in the progress. It will last a lifetime and often your children’s lifetime, that could well be a valuable antique in the future.

Tom in workshop By Mark Jackson Photography